Who wants to get what they want?

Every one wants endurance. Who enjoys needing to endure?

Every one wants character. Who enjoys falling into the furnaces of travail – where character is built?

Every one wants to be an over comer. Who wants to be in dire trouble – where all hope is seeming lost?

Every one wants to be a winner. Who wants to risk the chance of loss?

It’s the ‘small man’ that pokes fun and laughs at those in endurance and during travail. They don’t  care about  core issues, but argue amongst themselves about meaningless trivia ‘- picking holes in good people and attacking them over unimportant mistakes -> bringing them down ‘a peg or two’. Talkback radio is full of them.

However, the character of life, that which is all and everything that we pass on from generation to generation, is not established via comparisons and judgments of others. Rather it is built by our self measurement and improvement after failure – as we dust ourselves off and mount that pony again.

This week, I want to work on turning our failures and foibles into character and not worry about what others think, but focus on what I can change and become.

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